The Spread: Marvel vs Capcom Shared Power – Dayspring Summers

Welcome to the latest edition of The Spread!  Today’s topic will strike upon that glorious competitive spirit that dwells within us all.  We are jumping into the world of fighting games, and what better way to do that than with the wildly-polarizing, crossover versus series that is Marvel vs Capcom.  Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite is out now.  So, pick that up if you are interested in hyper-kinetic brawlers.

However, we are not here to focus on that debate.  We are here to have fun.  MvC is the pioneer gaming series for “what if” scenarios.  Marvel’s droves of popular comic characters and Capcom’s wide catalog of interesting titles has usually delivered some entertaining team-ups over the years.  For the next few iterations of this series of articles, we will delve into some of the more interesting possibilities for ability combinations and borrowed powers.  Certain criteria will be utilized from the get-go.

  1. The acquired power/ability/item must make thematic sense for the character.
  2. The backstory for the character must be able to be utilized to some degree.
  3. The combination should be entertaining and fun.

Cable Obtains an Astral (Devil) Bringer

Who is Cable?

Nathan Christopher Charles Summers was born in an alternate reality of the Marvel universe to Scott Summers (Cyclops) and a Madelyne Pryor (a clone of Jean Grey).  Mr. Sinister, an aptly-named villain, planned to utilize this child to overthrow the oppressive mutant known as Apocalypse and orchestrated their coupling.  After many shenanigans, Scott and the original Jean were able to acquire their child after Madelyne went crazy and tried to open up a portal to the demon realms.  At the culmination of this event, the original absorbed the clone and acquired all of the doppelganger’s memories of raising the child.  Unfortunately, young Nathan would eventually be captured by Apocalypse and subjected to an unimaginable horror.

Pretty unfair that his eye is a freaking laser sight.

The tyrant captor infected Nathan with an alien malady known as the Techno-Organic Virus.  This affliction turns organic life into technology and will rapidly consume its host until has been replaced.  The new creature only has the desire to spread the virus to others.  Fortunately for the child, a traveler from a couple of millennia in the future appeared to the parents and informed them that her people could cure Nathan.  Additionally, he would become the savior of her clan if he would be allowed to go with her.  There was a catch.   The stipulation was that she could only take him.  Desperate for a remedy and out of options, the X-Men duo allowed the wanderer to take Nathan.  Although there actually wasn’t a cure for the virus, “Mother Askani” would raise Mr. Summers and train him to suppress it with his vast telekinetic powers.  Eventually, he would become Cable and time travel back to fight Apocalypse in multiple versions of reality.

That arm looks like T-1000 (Terminator) and Venom (Marvel) had an aggressively hungry baby.

What is the Devil Bringer?

This demonic appendage is a powerful weapon on the body of Nero from Devil May Cry 4.  Much like the aforementioned mutant machine man, this arm was forced on the devil hunter by another evil creature.  Nero was a member of a religious order, known as the Order of the Sword, that combated the fiendish forces encroaching onto the human world.  In one of these battles, the young warrior was injured in the shoulder by a devil and afflicted by an infection that quickly began to spread over his entire right arm.  Utilizing magic, the Order was able to stave off the spread of the transformation.  However, the player would later learn that Nero was the son of Vergil and grandson of the Legendary Demon Knight, Sparda.  This heritage enabled him to adopt the limb and effectively utilize its power for good.  It afforded him incredible strength, the ability to summon a ghostly hand to snatch foes/objects, and absorb the power of other demonic sources.

*Rotates and pans camera out to torso shot of new Kamen Rider character*

Why it Works?

Cable has rarely been allowed to access his full potential because of his debilitating affliction.  He has to focus the brunt of his power constantly to prevent the spread of the virus.  Despite his suppression of the consuming contagion, Nathan has already lost an eye and arm to it.  Additionally, the TOV has already irrevocably changed his physiology.  His body is far more durable; as his cellular makeup has already adopted the more metallic properties of the disease.  He can interface with technology effortlessly.  Thus, Cable almost always fights with advanced weaponry and forgoes the use of his mutant abilities to be on the safe side.  What we have here is an opportunity.

Welcome to another edition of “Cool Guys Don’t Look at Explosions”! CUE MUSIC!

In Cable’s backstory, we know that Mr. Sinister experimented heavily on Nathan while captured and Madelyne was using him in a summoning ritual to access the Hell dimensions.  His ties to the occult were further explored in the prophecies that existed about the “Dayspring” or “Askani’son” who would save the the past, present, and future of the world.  What if, through a confrontation with Nero, the Devil Bringer injured Cable’s cybernetic arm and caused something unexpectedly spectacular?  The demonic infection and the techno-virus begin to adapt to and incorporate one another.  The fused viruses pair with Nathan’s mutated, genetically-modified, and demonic energy-tainted body to stop the spread of the TOV.

Toned topless telekinetic tug-o-war.

The result of this process would replace the liquid metal running through Cable’s veins with pure psionic energy.  His eye would remain the same color, but his techno-organic arm would transform into something vastly superior.  Cable’s appendage would become the Astral Bringer.  Metallic plates lined with psychic energy and fingers of light, this new mutation would eliminate the limitations that Cable had while adding some new tricks to his repertoire.  Much akin to Nero’s own demonic limb, the Astral Bringer could manifest a telekinetic hand of vast power.  Additionally, while wielding any of his arsenal in this appendage, Cable could effortlessly channel psionic energy into them to increase their destructive capabilities.

This especially holds true for Cable’s ultimate melee weapon: the Psimitar.

Finally, unrestrained usage of Cable’s full mutant abilities would be possible and that would be a sight to behold.  Be sure to sign off in the comments section to let us know if you agree or to offer some suggestions of your own.  Join us next time when we jump back over to Capcom’s side of things.

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