Outbreak Watch!: Arcade Edition Announced for Street Fighter V

This past weekend was New York Comic Con.  Among the multitudes of movie trailers that dropped, us gamers were treated to a special little treat that Capcom doled out to the public.  That tasty morsel was none other than the debut of Street Fighter V:  Arcade Edition.  For some, this announcement would come as no surprise thanks to the data-mining of X-Kira.  He has been leaking bits of information of the past couple of months that suggested that some update of this caliber was on the way.  However, seeing is better than hoping.  So, let us breakdown some of the more interesting aspects of the trailer, screenshots, and additional info to determine what exactly might be down the pipeline for fans of this series.

Akuma mattata! It means all of your worries, are pointless anyways! It’s his Satsui……murdering spreeeeeeeeeee! Akuma mattata.

Updated User Interface

The first thing we will discuss is the changes to the UI of the game.  SFV has had a rather lackluster reception when it comes to the actual look of the life bar, critical meter, and V-meter.  Most people complain that these indicators are flat in their design and do not offer a striking contrast to the beautiful backgrounds presented in the game.  All of this has seemed to change with this updated version of the title.  Drawing inspiration from their “30th Anniversary” celebration logo, we can see that the color theme that is most prevalent is gold.  All of the text, numbers for the time display, the full-health status bar, and main menu feature this palette choice.  The majority of the community is excited for this change with few detractors.  That negative minority who are extremely vocal point out that this color feels a little tacky.

That white is clean af.

Aside from the color alterations, we can see that the Arcade Mode option has been added to the main menu.  The other major change in layout occurs in the character and stage selection screens.  As a representative from Capcom noted, they are going for “substance over style”.  This really shows.  Both screens are more compressed and streamlined for easier access.  The portraits for each fighter have been moved from the center to the bottom of the screen.  This creates a more space for future additions and allows for a much better view of the character models.  Likewise, the stage selection has been changed from a slanted-thumbnail setup to a more stair-step alignment.  This more effectively utilizes the area and offers a different feel.  You can really see what they were going for this time around.

Character and stage select over here looking like Tekken 7’s more attractive brothers.

Additional Modes

As the subtitle suggests, one of the most-anticipated additions to this game will come in the form of Arcade Mode.  This feature will allow a player to battle their way through a predetermined number of computer-controlled fighters before culminating in a showdown with the boss of the game.  Contrary to other iterations of the series and in honor of the 30th Anniversary of Street Fighter, this edition of the game option will feature multiple paths that are directly tied to all of the other versions of the series.

SAGAT!!!! I just need Capcom to hint at your glorious presence somehow my king!

From SF to SFV, the gamer will be able to select a character that was available in that title and revisit the original experience.  This includes modern-day renditions of the popular barrel and car smash stages.  After completing the path, you will be rewarded with an Udon-style art panel for that character that depicts a moment in that time period.  Who knows what other surprises we might encounter in this mode.  Most likely, there will be some special boss fights unlocked by meeting a set amount of requirements; just like past excursions into its predecessors.  Might we see a Final Bison fight for the Street Fighter Alpha path?  How about a match-up with Gill for the Street Fighter III path?  Maybe we will get a 1980’s AI Sagat battle for Street Fighter?  Dear god.  I hope not.


The other extras that were mentioned during this announcement are the inclusions of Gallery and Extra Battle options.  For the former, there are really no surprises with what the player will be receiving.  Complete objectives to earn lots of artwork.  Boom.  The latter is something more interesting.  Extra Battle features challenges and objectives that will earn you different rewards.  Defeating golden shadoloo soldiers will net you fight money.  Satisfying other conditions in this feature will yield you a special premium costume.  This adornment will enable your character to take on the appearance of a character from another Capcom franchise.  Who knows what it is to come as special treasures later on down the line?

Viewtiful Joe?! Is this Mahvel, baby?!

New V-Triggers (& Hopefully Much More)

One of the most exciting prospects that was discussed by the developers and shown in multiple screenshots was the inclusion of additional V-Triggers for each warrior.  We can expect that all of these selectable, power-up states will change the way each character functions.  While we don’t know exactly what the new moves will be, we were shown still frames of a couple in action.  R. Mika gets a new assistance technique from Nadeshiko in the form of a steel chair.  Bison gets access to his Psycho Crusher without having to activate his Critical Art.  Birdie gets some type of low-hitting chain attack.  This has been one of the most requested features from both sides of the track; casuals and professionals.  Hopefully, the rumors are true and we are gaining a plethora of other combat variations.

Bawh Gawd! She’s got a chair! Damn her to hell!

According to the aforementioned data-miner at the top of the article, added V-Trigger choices might not be the only thing we are receiving.  X-Kira’s posts indicate that there are options for additional V-Skills, V-Reversals, AND Critical Arts.  This means that the ways to play each fighter in SFV will go up exponentially.  This ties into the statement made by the developers that players will have to “relearn their character or switch to a new main”, as the new additions will “completely change their playstyle”.  A single V-trigger addition wouldn’t dramatically change the way Chun-Li or Ken are played.  Their special moves and V-Skills mostly shape the way each player handles a fighter.  This must mean that each cast member is gaining additional special moves and V-Skill alternatives.  Certain screenshots suggest this outright.  In particular, Ryu is clearly performing a move that greatly resembles his focus attack in Street Fighter IV.  We have Dhalsim shooting an air fireball in one still, and Chun-Li performing a kikosho in another.  The sky is the limit it seems.

Variation is key to a good fighting game. Characters should have tons of options. Moving in the right direction Capcom.

This doesn’t even address the fact that the first character in Season 3 DLC will most likely have to be Sagat; as there are only three characters from the original Street Fighter in the game at this point and the path for Arcade Mode states that there will be four.  Tons of speculation will come over the following months.  Capcom will confirm and/or deny the different portions of it around the December of this year during Capcom Cup.  We are in for a ride folks.  Be sure to be on the lookout for our next Outbreak Watch!  See ya next time!

Source:  Capcom-Unity, Capcom Fighters Network

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