Outbreak Watch!: The Ageless Ninja, Zeku, Ambushes SFV!

Update time!  The 6th, and final character, for the 2nd season of DLC has dropped in Street Fighter V.  The Ever-Changing Ninja, Zeku, is the former master of another popular Capcom character.  Final Fight and Street Fighter Alpha‘s Guy trained his entire life under the tutelage of this shinobi sensei to perfect the art of taijutsu.  This form of martial arts focuses on the hand-to-hand aspect of ninjutsu in place of the other illusionary skills in the arsenal of a ninja.  Armed with shinobi talents and the ability to change into his younger self at will, Zeku is prime for delivering an upset for the ages.  Here’s a breakdown of his fighting style and moveset.

Although technically not a newbie due to his appearance in Street Fighter Alpha, Zeku does utilize a wide variety of techniques that greatly resemble the moves of another fan favorite.  However, where he does share some similarities with Guy in his young form, Old Zeku is different from his pupil in many ways.  The majority of the experienced version of the fighter focuses on spacing with specialized kicks.  Much like Hiryu from the Strider series, this version of Zeku’s special moves have extended range that can strike opponents from nearly full-screen.  To help with mix-up’s, he also has access to a special flip that enables him to strike with various attacks (much like Akuma’s Demon Flip).  There are multiple ways to switch to his younger form.  One option is to utilize a special “down, down” command.  The switch affords Zeku greater speed and a unique dash for opening foes up.  The trade-off for increased mobility comes in the form of less damage.  Each version of Zeku has benefits and total mastery of the character will mean figuring out when to use each form.  Timing is everything and this holds especially true when the player factors in his V-System.

Zeku’s V-Skills, Fukuro (Older Self) and Tenpo Kari (Younger Self), are jutsu that transform Zeku into the his age-varied states.  The move can be utilized in the middle of combos and combined with a directional input to teleport in front or behind the opponent.  Naturally, this trait will help Zeku players by keeping his enemy guessing where the attacks might be coming from next.  Zeku’s V-Trigger, Bushinryu Shinge Kiko, is another quick dash.  However, this special movement option enables the controller to follow up with enhanced combo strings.  This state functions similarly to Juri’s V-Trigger and is great for creating tons of pressure or dealing massive amounts of damage.  Finally, his Critical Art is a knock up into the air followed by a blitzing assault from his younger and older self.  It is known as Batsuzan Gaisei, and (like the look of the character) definitely draws inspiration from the main character of the Strider series.

Like every character in the most recent Street Fighter title and every other well-trained shinobi, Zeku has other disguise options.  Here’s a look at his Story Costume.

Witness his Premium Battle Costume.

Finally, he also gets a Nostalgia Costume.

Looks like Capcom saved one of the most fantastical character designs for last.  Hopefully, he satisfies the fanbase’s desire for a Guy-like warrior; while also giving audiences a little taste of something fresh.  The rumor mill, cryptic descriptions of the character, and his aesthetics all scream of this man being the founder of the Striders.  That group of ninjas would eventually dedicate themselves to the protection of the world in the future.  What an interesting way to connect another series to the Street Fighter universe.

See yourself to the Capcom Fighters Network on October 24th and display your own style!  Check back tomorrow for an oddly poignant issue of The Spread!

Source:  Capcom-Unity, Shadoloo C.R.I.

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