The Gavel – Death Battle!: Beast vs Goliath


Ever heard of the phrase “I’m a lover, not a fighter”?  Why not be both?  Luckily, our combatants today understand that you cannot have compassion while taking an ass out.  They are gentle yet firm, tender yet fierce.  When threats come against the people that they love, these two monstrous men will do whatever it takes to destroy those aggressors.  In true Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hide fashion, our first fighter is a sapphire Socrates.  Better known as Beast from the X-Men, he has got brains and brawn.  His opponent is more of a violet Voltaire, but his friends call him Goliath.  Which cuddly monster-man tears his foe a new one?  Let’s find out!

Beast, The Gentleman Mutant

Wolverine’s spirit animal?


Comprehensive Equipment/Powers List

Claws and Teeth – Razor-Sharp Natural Weapons.  Destructive Capabilities:  At Least Building Level.  Range:  Less than a Meter.  Usage Limit:  Until Broken.  Damage Type:  Slashing and Piercing.


Physical Capabilities

Human (Mutant) Physiology – 

  • Strength:  At Least Building Level (Can strike with tons of force).
  • Speed:  At Least Supersonic+ Reactions/Movement (Can dodge gunfire and keep up with superhumans).
  • Durability:  At Least Building Level (Can tank strikes with tons of force).
  • Stamina:  Superhuman (Can fight for hours without tiring).

Combat Prowess

Master Combatant:  Henry McCoy was born with a mutation that changed his physical appearance into something more resembling a gorilla.  His limbs and body were grossly huge and powerful even as a baby.  Eventually, he was found by the leader of the X-Men, Professor X.  During his stint as a mutant crime-fighter, Beast has become one of the most valuable members of the team.  His combat prowess and intelligence are off the charts.  Mr. McCoy has trained with Wolverine, Gambit, and Captain America in hand-to-hand combat.  Much like Spider-Man, he has developed a fighting style that focuses on free-style movement.  It makes him extremely unpredictable and extremely deadly.  Coupled with his decades of experience training in an advanced training simulator and fighting various threats across the globe, Beast is one of the premier warriors in the fight against evil.

Genius-Level Intellect:  As mentioned above, Beast has invented and/or designed numerous futuristic technological marvels.  Additionally, he rapidly obtained half a dozen doctorates within a very short time frame.  Among these degrees, Henry is most adept in the field of genetics.  His study of mutation and knowledge of genes is nearly unparalleled.  He is one of the most brilliant minds on the planet.

Expert Tactician:  Whereas his group of mutant compatriots are often led by someone else in the field, most of the X-Men’s Danger Room sessions are orchestrated by Beast.  This means that he has an advanced understanding of combat tactics that could arise from a wide variety of threats with a plethora of esoteric powers:  flight, energy blasts, teleportation, super strength, enhanced durability, etc.  Beast has dealt with it all at some point or another.

Notable Accomplishments

  • Ripped a tank apart with his bare hands.
  • Acquired 6 Ph.D’s while working with the X-Men.
  • Helped design the Danger Room.

Goliath, The Gentleman Gargoyle

Looks like a Majesty album cover.


Comprehensive Equipment/Powers List

Claws and Teeth – Razor-Sharp Natural Weapons.  Destructive Capabilities:  At Least Building Level.  Range:  Less than a Meter.  Usage Limit:  Until Broken.  Damage Type:  Slashing and Piercing.

Wings – Lift-Producing Natural Appendages.  Range:  At Least Hundreds of Meters.  Usage Limit:  Until Broken.  Special Properties:  Flight.

Physical Capabilities

Gargoyle Physiology – 

  • Strength:  At Least Small Building Level (Can strike with tons of force).
  • Speed:  At Least Superhuman in Movement/Reactions (Can keep up with other gargoyles and fly as fast as planes).
  • Durability:  At Least Small Building Level (Can tank attacks from fighters with tons worth of striking power).
  • Stamina:  Superhuman (Can fight for hours without tiring).

Combat Prowess

Master Combatant:  Goliath has been warring with scores of humans since his birth in the late 10th century.  Feared for their gruesome appearance, his clan rarely knew last peace.  They had to fight for their survival on the regular. Fortunately, their monstrous forms afforded them superhuman characteristics and ensured their continued existence.  Unfortunately, they would eventually be turned to stone for a millennium before being freed by the hubris of an evil billionaire.  Upon waking in the modern world, Goliath and crew would still be forced to fight for their right to live.  The present-day threats came in the form of advanced robotics and other supernatural creatures.  Yet, the gargoyles always came out on top thanks to their powerful leader.

Expert Tactician:  A wise individual, Goliath has a penchant for strategy.  The rest of his kind always fall to him for guidance and battle plans.  Their successes usually hinge on his capabilities as a commander and very rarely has he led them astray.  Through his competent leadership, they have defeated mostly anything that has pitted itself against them.

Weakness:  Sunlight turns him to stone.

Notable Accomplishments

  • Survived being struck by lightning twice.
  • Ripped through steel with his bare hands.
  • Outsmarted a “god”.

Closing Statement

This guy has mutated more than the combine roster of X-Men.


  • Both are smart, yet bestial, creatures.
  • Both are normally nice, but slip into a ferocious rage when upset.
  • Both are extremely adept at utilizing their abilities in the most efficient way possible.


  • Beast is a certified genius.
  • Goliath turns to stone for half of the day.

Where it really matters:

  • Beast has tons more combat experience despite Goliath’s age.  This includes a more varied regiment of enemies as well due to the nature of the Marvel Universe.
  • Beast is faster and stronger based on feats.
  • Goliath can fly.

The Verdict


Beast is faster with the ability to casually dodge gunfire at point blank range and move so fast that humans cannot perceive him.  He has kept up with characters like Wolverine and Captain America; both men would stomp Goliath with minimal effort.  Ripping apart a tank (along with other strength feats) and tanking hits from Colossus (and the like) are far better showings for Beast than anything Goliath has ever showed.  The flight advantage is the only thing that Goliath has going for him over his opponent.  However, Henry has trained and fought against much more powerful creatures with the ability to fly and come out on top more times than not.

The faster, stronger, and more durable fighter takes this round.  That warrior is Beast.

Death Battle’s Crew Accuracy

“Since Goliath spent decades defending his ancient castle and New York from Vikings, thugs, magic beings, and ghosts, his combat experience trumps Beasts.”

No.  Just no.  Beast has been fighting thugs, mutant-killing robots, aliens, mutants, gods, and demons for decades.  Also, he actively spends time training to combat these threats and so much more while not engaged against them.

“Goliath got shot by an anti-aircraft round.”

Yeah.  Beast took hits from Juggernaut, Colossus, and other ridiculously powerful superhumans that make anti-aircraft rifles look like pellet guns.

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