The Spread: Marvel vs Capcom Shared Power – Lightning Lord Thor

Welcome to the latest edition of The Spread!  Today’s topic will strike upon that glorious competitive spirit that dwells within us all.  We are jumping into the world of fighting games, and what better way to do that than with the wildly-polarizing, crossover versus series that is Marvel vs Capcom.  Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite is out now.  So, pick that up if you are interested in hyper-kinetic brawlers.

However, we are not here to focus on that debate.  We are here to have fun.  MvC is the pioneer gaming series for “what if” scenarios.  Marvel’s droves of popular comic characters and Capcom’s wide catalog of interesting titles has usually delivered some entertaining team-ups over the years.  For the next few iterations of this series of articles, we will delve into some of the more interesting possibilities for ability combinations and borrowed powers.  Certain criteria will be utilized from the get-go.

  1. The acquired power/ability/item must make thematic sense for the character.
  2. The backstory for the character must be able to be utilized to some degree.
  3. The combination should be entertaining and fun.

Thor Is Gifted Thunder Edge

Who is Thor?

The son of the All-Father of the Asgardians, Odin, and the Elder God, Gaea, Thor Odinson is one of the most powerful creatures in the Marvel Universe.  Destined to become ruler of the Norse pantheon, the God of Thunder has spent millennia training in a wide variety of martial combat, acquiring various mystical artifacts, and honing his incredible natural abilities.  This prince of Asgard has fought against numerous mythical and modern foes during his stint as Midgard’s protector.  He has actively warred with creatures from foreign realms like frost and fire giants.  He has opposed other gods like Loki and Hela.  Thor has even subverted prophecy with his prevention of Ragnarok by defeating the Jormungand and Fenrir.  However, his deeds do not solely lie in the planes of magical creatures.  Odinson has been one of the most important heroes to ever grace the grounds of Earth.  He is a primary member of the Avengers and has thwarted a plethora of powerful enemies from claiming the planet as their own.

Even Spawn would be impressed by the size of that cape.

Thor is able to accomplish these victories by utilizing a wide variety of mighty magical equipment in tandem with his divine powers.  These mystical armaments are mostly weapons.  However, Megingjord is a belt that doubles Thor’s stamina and strength.  He has worn this harness the majority of his life.  Moving on to more direct-damage items, a battleaxe by the name of Jarnbjorn was his first weapon.  It is enchanted to be able to cut through nearly anything, and he wielding this ax for a long time before acquiring the staple arm in his arsenal.  Mjolnir is a hammer forged by his father Odin and enchanted with so many abilities that it will make your head spin.  Speaking of spinning, among one of its many traits is its bestowal of flight upon the wielder who twirls and throws it.  Additionally, this weapon can fire energy blasts, travel dimensions, control the weather, summons force-fields, and so much more.  It is basically a one-stop-shop for defeating a foe.  Lastly, Thor can whip out the big guns and call forth his daddy’s blade.  The Odinsword is a greatsword that can kill even the most sturdy of gods and cosmic foes.  Just ask Odin’s brother, Cul.  Oh, you can’t.  He’s dead.

The Asgardian equivalent of “Come at me bro”.

What is Thunder Edge?

The game, Okami, focuses on the adventures of the sun goddess, Amaterasu.  This wolf deity battles the forces of evil with celestial weaponry and the faith of her followers.  We will spend more time with her on the next entry of The Spread.  However, we can talk about one specific piece of equipment that this celestial brush god uses to destroy the wicked.  Most of Amaterasu’s armaments embody an individual element.  The heaviest hitting come in the form of huge swords known as Glaives.  The most powerful of these blades is known as Thunder Edge.  As can be immediately surmised, this particular Glaive is the spirit of lightning personified.  Thunder Edge enables the wielder to conjure powerful blasts of lightning and wild storms.  This blade is perfect for taking down even the most hardy enemy and is integral in alleviating a lot of the stress that comes with facing the bosses in the game.

Jolteon’s spirit animal.

Why it Works?

Let us focus on recent events in the comics.  Thor is no longer the wielder of Mjolnir.  He worthiness faded after the Gorr the God-Butcher wreaked havoc on Asgard and shattered the faith that the heroes had in deities.  Capitalizing on this, Nick Fury was able to shake Thor’s confidence by suggesting that maybe the aforementioned divine slayer was right in his assertion that the gods don’t truly care about mortals.  After becoming unworthy, the Thunderer went back to reclaim his initial godly weapon.  With Jarnbjorn back in hand, he decided to still attempt to help the denizens of Midgard to the best of his abilities.  To this day, he still refuses to attempt to lift his old hammer for fear that he is not yet reclaimed his previous worthiness.  With the poor substitute for Mjolnir, it is no wonder why.

The Midgard’s Serpents fang is longer than the Odinsword? Yikes!

Thunder Edge is the perfect sword for unworthy Thor to wield.  The blade would grant him all of the previous attributes that most people have come to associated with the God of Thunder.  Would he be able to summon lightning with it?  Yes.  How about thunder?  Sure.  What about storms in general?  Most definitely.  With Thor’s experience with swords taken into consideration and his reluctance to seek out the hammer again, this Glaive offers a unique solution to Odinson’s plight.

Back to basics baby.

MVC:I creates a unique opportunity for the creative minds at Capcom and Marvel to address current issues in their respective properties.  Thor is the Thunder God and the Lightning-Bringer.  Those names represent specific traits that are most reflected in the character in his appearances.  In the game, Thor still wields Mjolnir and electricity is the primary offense that he utilizes.  Fortunately, Thor and Amaterasu share very similar themes in one of their primary antagonists.  The Jormungand and Orochi are gigantic serpents that look eerily similar.  Maybe Thor is gifted Thunder Edge to smite his snake foe by the wolf goddess; while she acquires a different artifact to deal with hers.

That is it for today!  Join us for the next edition of the Spread when we go back over to the Capcom side of things!

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