Outbreak Watch!: School Girl No More, Sakura (and the Rest of Season 3) Arrives Right On Time for SFV

Update time!  After a month long sickness hiatus, we are coming back to you with some interesting reveals fresh out of Capcom Cup and the Playstation Experience 2017.  We have the 1st character for Season 3 DLC and the soon-to-be-released update for SFV known as Arcade Edition.  She’s perky.  She’s quirky.  She’s the eternal rival of Karin Kanzuki.  The next slightly different shoto arrives in the form of Sakura Kasugano.  Let us marvel at this wondrous, rambunctious fighter and delve into what she brings to the stage.

Rejoice fans of the series!  You’re voices were heard; your prayers answered!  Everyone’s favorite schoolgirl-turned-world-warrior is back and she’s packing all of her old tricks.  Seriously, this iteration of the character incorporates all of the best things about the character from Alpha to Omega Mode.  Functioning like a traditional shoto, Sakura has the holy trinity of fighting game techniques:  Hadoken, Shouoken (Shoryuken), and Shunpukyaku (Tatsumaki Senpukyaku).  All of her variations of the moves act a little differently though.  Ms. Kasugano’s fireball can be angled diagonally upwards to catch people jumping in for that sick damage.  Her dragon uppercut dashes towards the enemy slightly and hits multiple times.  Finally, her hurricane kick as an arching trajectory that creates an interesting approach angle that she can capitalize on for extended combos.  Much like Ken and Akuma, Sakura breaks the standard mold of the pioneer fighting style of the Street Fighter series.

How does her V-System set her even further apart from the rest?  Haru Kaze, her V-Skill, is a leaping movement with three follow-up options for opening the opponent up.  She can go into a triple-hitting, axe-handled hit that juggles the target in the air, a flip that can turn into a dive kick, or a command grab that can hit in the air or on the ground.  Nice options on that one move alone.  Next up are her V-Triggers (that’s right I pluralized it).  Her first one, Haru Arashi, empowers Sakura’s fireballs to hit multiple times and allow for special attack follow-up’s for greater combo potential.  The second one, Sakura Senpu, makes her uppercut and hurricane kick launch the opponent into the air for some V-Skill connections to close out the combo with great damage.  Lastly, her Critical Art, Sakura Rain, is a strong fireball at long distance.  However, it changes to a powerful string of special moves ending with a powerful punch when landed up close.

Like every character in the most recent Street Fighter title and fitting for a woman striking out on her own, Sakura has a plethora of outfits.  Here’s her Story Mode Costume.


Here’s a mentor-inspired Premium Battle Costume.


Finally, she also gets a Nostalgia Costume.

That isn’t all though folks!  Capcom is going for massive fan service for the forthcoming season.  We were treated to the new cinematic intro for SFV:  Arcade Edition and things just got more hectic from there.

That’s right!  In addition to Sakura, Capcom is bringing back some more highly-requested characters.  Sagat, Cody, and Blanka are all popular veterans of the series.  Sagat and Cody were right at the top of every single popularity poll along with the cherry blossom girl herself.  We also seem to be getting some interesting newcomers that will appear familiar to those who paid attention to the story for Ed and for any red-blooded American.  Falke is Ed’s second-in-command of the Neo Shadoloo organization, and rumors are that she fights with staff.  Moving on to the final brand new fighter, G looks to be a cross of Abraham Lincoln and Uncle Sam.  Needless to say, his fighting style better be full of freedom….of expression.

Hold on!  The hits just keep on coming!  If you pre-order SFV:  Arcade Edition (for those of you that don’t already have SFV and get the update for free), you gain access to specialized Nostalgia and 30th Anniversary Costumes.  Behold!

Speaking of nostalgia, Capcom ALSO announced a premium collection of classic Street Fighter titles that will be compacted into one disc for all of the current generation consoles.  It features the entire collection of 80-90’s era games that started it all.  You get the Street Fighter, three Street Fighter 2 games, all of the Alpha series, and all of the Street Fighter III editions as well.  Truly, it is a collection for the ages.

Bask in the glory of all of this news my friends!  Street Fighter V:  Arcade Edition arrives January 16th, 2018.  While Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection drops in May of the same year.  Stayed tuned for more gaming news as it arrives over the next couple of weeks.

Source:  Capcom-Unity (Sakura and Season 3), Capcom-Unity (30th Anniversary Collection)

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