Outbreak Watch!: With Burning Intensity, Soul Calibur 6 Announced!

Last weekend during the Playstation Experience 2017, Namco-Bandai dropped a trailer for the title that fans have been waiting for for the past couple of years:  Soul Calibur 6.  Let’s check it out!

This edition of the popular 3-D fighter has some surprises in store for the veterans and newcomers to the series alike.  However, let us begin with some standard information for those who are unfamiliar with what this fighting game has to offer.

As you can see from the video, the Soul Calibur series involves warriors hacking and smashing each other to bits utilizing archaic (and sometimes magical) weaponry.  The player maneuvers their avatar on a large stage and, much like other games of this style, tries to deplete their opponent’s life bar before their own disappears under a violent assault of metal.  There are side-steps, blocking/parrying defensive options, high/mid/low attacks, and ring out mechanics to give gamers a robust combat system.

For the more experienced members and pro players who are familiar with the series, SC6 incorporates all of the advanced staples that you have come to expect:  just guards, just parries, guard breaks, and critical edges.  They are all there.  However, the input commands for most of the techniques have been reduced down to one button, as opposed to many movement and attack combinations that had to be utilized previously.  This will enable competitors to express themselves more effectively without having to snap their fingers in half trying to combo into complex strings after perfectly blocking a foe’s overzealous offense.  It seems like the developers are streamlining the totality of gameplay much like they did with Tekken 7; which has been lauded as the best iteration of the fighting game dynasty.

This latest edition of the Souls series will be a soft reboot and take place before the events of the first Soul Calibur game and subsequent sequels.  There will be returning characters and new faces that join the roster and it seems that backstories will be more fleshed out.  Fans of character creation will be thrilled to know that the always-expansive mode will be brought back with even more features.  Speaking of fan service, the producers have stated that guest characters will be making a comeback.

With the game already being at 70% completion and the production of the title already having been ongoing now for 3-4 years, it isn’t shocking that Soul Calibur 6 has a 2018 release date.  Expect even more news to come at a rapid pace over the course of the next couple of months.  We might even get an in depth look this Friday, December 15th; as there is a Namco-Bandai event transpiring.  Be sure to check out the videos posted above and let your soul anticipate the incoming wave of euphoria.  Until next time.  Shine on!

Sound off in the comments section below and let us know which characters you hope make their return to the stage of destiny!

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