The Spread: Marvel vs Capcom Shared Power – Shiranui Truly Reincarnated

Welcome to the latest edition of The Spread!  Today’s topic will strike upon that glorious competitive spirit that dwells within us all.  We are jumping into the world of fighting games, and what better way to do that than with the wildly-polarizing, crossover versus series that is Marvel vs Capcom.  Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite is out now.  So, pick that up if you are interested in hyper-kinetic brawlers.

However, we are not here to focus on that debate.  We are here to have fun.  MvC is the pioneer gaming series for “what if” scenarios.  Marvel’s droves of popular comic characters and Capcom’s wide catalog of interesting titles has usually delivered some entertaining team-ups over the years.  For the next few iterations of this series of articles, we will delve into some of the more interesting possibilities for ability combinations and borrowed powers.  Certain criteria will be utilized from the get-go.

  1. The acquired power/ability/item must make thematic sense for the character.
  2. The backstory for the character must be able to be utilized to some degree.
  3. The combination should be entertaining and fun.

Amaterasu’s Worthiness of Mjolnir

Who is Amaterasu?

In the heavenly realm of good-aligned creatures known as the Celestial Plain, gods and angels lived in blissful harmony watching over the mortals of the universe.  The deities were the embodiment of the Chinese (and Vietnamese) Zodiac animals.  Their ruler, Shiranui, was a beautiful and noble white wolf who governed the sun.  One fateful day, a member of the Moon Tribe by the name of Waka came to the heavens to inform the radiant ones about the disappearance of his village.  Shortly after that, the gigantic snake demon (Orochi) showed up under mystical protection and began to slaughter the denizens of the plane.  The fiend could not be harmed.  At that moment, the wolf god received a vision of the destruction of the creature at the hands of another mortal.  His name would be Nagi.

“Everything the light touches is our kingdom…”

So, Shiranui used her power to pull the monster from the heavens and down to the land of Nippon to await the arrival of the chosen one.  After many years, the human came into the world.  The weakened god, now named Amaterasu, set upon a quest to regain its former glory and destroy the evil snake for good.  With the mortal at her side, they were able to destroy Orochi and the powerful entity that was backing the snake demon.  The ultimate embodiment of darkness, Yami, would fall before the legendary duo and daylight restored through both Nippon and the Celestial Plain.

Tale as old as time: angel vs demons.

What is Mjolnir?

Eons ago, the mightiest of the Asgardians, Odin, battled a gigantic cosmic storm that happened upon the kingdom of the Norse gods.  This sentient maelstrom, known as the God Tempest, fought the king of Asgard for days before being weakened enough to be imprisoned.  Odin did this by hitting it with a piece of the dwarven metal, uru.  Its mystical properties enabled it to withstand the phenomenal strength of the creature.  From this vessel, Odin ordered the dwarves to construct a war hammer.  The process collapse a star and nearly destroyed Earth.  Unfortunately for everyone in its immediate vicinity, the spirit of the God Tempest would not be commanded and the weapon would try to destroy anything in its path.  The All-Father placed an enchantment on Mjolnir to prevent anyone from wielding it.  Over many millennia, the creature inhabiting the war hammer died, but its power remained.  After gifting the weapon with more enchantments and having his son pass a series of trials, the armament was gifted to the God of Thunder himself.  Thor Odinson would go on to wield this weapon in most of his travels and carve out a name for himself across the universe.

Okay, probably one of the sickest character designs out of that event next to Grey Gargoyle’s new look.

Why it Works?

Although Mjolnir has spent the majority of its time with one person in Thor, there have been many supplementary wielders over the years of comic publications.  The most notable is Beta Ray Bill.  This korbinite (alien race) male was able to pick up the hammer and prove his worthiness by saving his people during one arc of stories.  Bill’s strength of character and popularity were such that Marvel decided to have Odin gift him another hammer, just like Mjolnir, called Stormbreaker.  Jane Foster, in the most recent tales, has taken up the weapon to become the new God of Thunder.  Even characters from other rival companies, Superman and Wonder Woman, have utilized Mjolnir to battle bad guys in the Amalgam Universe.  There have been others like X-Men’s Storm.

She’s gone crepuscular!

However, the creation of a new hammer to bestow powers akin to other Asgardian warriors isn’t just limited to the aforementioned Beta Ray.The Fear Itself arc occurred not too long ago.  In its issues, we saw Odin’s brother come in to start some major drama.  Cul Borson utlized his vast godly abilities to create 7 weapons very similar to Mjolnir and send them to “avatars” that he deemed fit to be his agents of destruction.  The Worthy picked up these tools and were mind-controlled into serving The Serpent’s will.  So, for good or for naught, people in the Bor line of Norse mythology can create supremely mighty artifacts and dole them out at their leisure.

The future’s bright….if Capcom makes the right moves.

What if Bor spied the perfect vessel to wield one of his hammers, after the merger, in Orochi?  He is “The Serpent”.  He gifts the hammer to the foul creature, and Odin retaliates by creating a weapon for Amaterasu.  Alternatively, it could be something as simple as Amaterasu helping out Thor during a Ragnarok that was prematurely triggered by the merger and picking up Mjolnir when the blonde warrior falls.  The sentient armament seems to gravitate towards strong females after all.

Something interesting to ponder though are the connections that each branch of mythology share.  Each realm can only be accessed by a rainbow road and each feature a gigantic snake as the primary antagonist for their end-of-the-world events.  Both heroes of the story wield powerful celestial weaponry empowered by the spirits of cosmic entities.  There are some interesting parallels there.  Perhaps, Capcom and Marvel should have put more thought in a stage that is the hybridization of the Celestial Plain and Asgard; as opposed to the direction that they actively took with Abel City.  Plus, we would have seen the return of another MvC 3 vet and short character.  Players love short fighters.

That is it for today!  Join us for the next edition of the Spread when we stick with the Capcom side of things!

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