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Here ye!  Here ye!  The Battle for the Stones hath a champion.  The Capcom Pro Tour for 2017 hath ceased.  In the cloud of successful destruction that followed, the fan-base for one title from the namesake in fighting games was gifted with multiple announcements (covered in an earlier article).  However, the other tournament star and its community were noticeably diminished in enthusiasm.  For, many reasons to anticipate otherwise, Marvel vs Capcom:  Infinite was not graced with any new accolades or hints of future support.

Hold your pitchforks!  This isn’t necessarily a bad thing.  There have been numerous leaks suggesting that MvC:I still has a fair amount of developer backing and content is being worked on as we speak.  Additionally, the point that “Capcom didn’t announce anything about the new Pro Tour” as a means to discredit those that would bring info to the masses prematurely.  Street Fighter V is apart of that very same fighting game tournament series.  Knowledge is sure to be presented soon.  Much like last year, we will probably get something in March of this year.

So, let us take some of the leaks and operate under the assumption that new combatants are on the way.  The focus of this article will be to try and predict what is coming our way with the game on the Capcom side of things.  As to why this is “13” characters and not “10”.  The first batch of DLC consisted of six fighters:  Four from Marvel and two from Capcom.  This means that the next batch will be flipped to make the character select screen balanced:  Four from Capcom and two from Marvel.  For the remaining, we are going to assume the next couple of batches of releases will feature an even spread of three from each franchise over three more installations.  Math is fun!  Here’s to hopes and dreams!

The Returning Warriors

This section will deal with characters who are suspiciously absent from the roster.  Yet, they have been included in past iterations of the series already.  Nearly all of these characters are fan-favorites and the masses are yelling for their inclusion.

Captain Commando

Debut Title:  Captain Commando

Marvel vs Capcom Appearances:  Marvel vs Capcom:  Clash of Super HeroesMarvel vs Capcom 2:  New Age of Heroes

Why He Deserves a Spot?  He is Capcom’s only true superhero and fits the theme of the game.  His fighting style is unique.  With an assist-style moveset, Captain Commando has a few individual special attacks paired with summoning characters from his super team to help him fight.  Plus, his name embodies the company:  CAPtain COMmando.

M. Bison

Debut Title:  Street Fighter II:  The World Warriors

Marvel vs Capcom Appearances:  X-Men vs Street FighterMarvel Super Heroes vs Street Fighter, Marvel vs Capcom 2:  New Age of Heroes

Why He Deserves a Spot?  MvC:I needs bad guys.  Aside from being one of the most popular villains in the history of fighting games, Bison is also one of the most interesting.  He desires world domination and is willing to go to extreme length to gain it.  His teleportation, high-flying attacks, and projectile absorption/reflection would make him a great addition to the roster.


Debut Title:  Devil May Cry (As Nelo Angelo), Devil May Cry 3 (As Vergil)

Marvel vs Capcom Appearances:  Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3

Why He Deserves a Spot?  Once again, MvC:I needs bad guys.  None are more awesome and skillful than the brother of Dante Sparda.  His look, weapons, and attitude make him a great addition to this game.  Also, Devil May Cry 5 may get announced soon and he is rumored to be one of the playable characters.  Good way to promote the game.


Debut Title:  Okami

Marvel vs Capcom Appearances:  Marvel vs Capcom 3:  Fate of Two WorldsUltimate Marvel vs Capcom 3

Why She Deserves a Spot?  Heroes come in all shapes and sizes.  For this entrant, she takes the form of a celestial wolf deity that wields a variety of elementally-infused weaponry.  With the recent release of Okami HD, Amaterasu is poised to return to the series.  She was one of the more popular additions to the roster in the previous title, and she has a huge following.

Jin Saotome

Debut Title:  Cyberbots:  Fullmetal Madness

Marvel vs Capcom Appearances:  Marvel vs Capcom 2:  New Age of Heroes

Why He Deserves a Spot?  Jin has of of the coolest fighting styles of any of the less-known characters in the Versus series.  Mr. Saotome is an expert martial artist, and he pilots a gigantic robot.  Naturally, his unique blend of crazy special moves and mech-assisted Hyper Arts make him one of the most interesting characters to have ever graced Capcom’s chaotic crossover titles.  It is a shame that he was only featured in one game.

Viewiful Joe

Debut Title:  Viewtiful Joe

Marvel vs Capcom Appearances:  Marvel vs Capcom 3:  Fate of Two Worlds, Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3

Why He Deserves a Spot?  Reinforcing the saying that big things come in small packages, Joe is a powerful hero with the ability to conjure henshin-themed weaponry and slow down time.  His erratic, high-flying combat style and short stature make him a force to be reckoned with.  Also, like Amaterasu, he has been one of the most requested warriors for MvC:I.


Debut Title:  Super Street Fighter II Turbo

Marvel vs Capcom Appearances:  X-Men:  Children of the AtomX-Men vs Street Fighter, Marvel Super Heroes vs Street Fighter, Marvel vs Capcom:  Clash of Super Heroes, Marvel vs Capcom 2:  New Age of Heroes, Marvel vs Capcom 3:  Fate of Two Worlds, Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3

Why He Deserves a Spot?  The character with the most crossover appearances in the history of video games; Akuma also happens to be one of the most awesome designs for a villain ever.  He is frequently featured at the top of popularity polls for fighting game characters.  It should be no surprise for him to make it into the latest iteration.

The New Challengers

This next group is a set of individuals that have yet to make it into the Versus chronology.  However, they have been a long time coming.  Also, at least half of the listed warriors are from series that have been drastically underrepresented to this date.


Debut Title:  Asura’s Wrath

Why He Deserves a Spot?  This raging god from the breakout action/adventure game that came out in 2012 deserves to be in Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite.  His journey in Asura’s Wrath is a pantheon smackdown of deities that truly deserve it and provides one of the best cinematic experiences of the time.  There is a DLC addition that features a Street Fighter IV-style battle between himself/Ryu and himself/Akuma.  So, Asura isn’t unfamiliar to the scene.  With his ability to sprout multiple arms and channel divine power, he definitely deserves a spot.

Leon Kennedy

Debut Title:  Resident Evil 2

Why He Deserves a Spot?  Another extremely popular and sought-after inclusion, Leon has been showing his badassery and combat prowess for decades now.  His impressive acumen with both unarmed and armed fighting has enabled him to survive the horrors that the Umbrella company has put the world through over and over again.  He has battled superhumans and monsters;  so he would be a great help to the other heroes of the series.

Donovan Blaine

Debut Title:  Night Warriors:  Darkstalkers’ Revenge

Why He Deserves a Spot?  This game needs more Darkstalkers entrants!  I could leave the section with that one statement.  However, with a gigantic cast of fantastic designs, I feel the need to justify Donovan’s inclusion.  His ability to wield a sword with telekinesis and to set it all over the battlefield creates a unique opportunity for a devastating moveset.  He can also call forth the spirits of gods that reside within that very sword to smite his foes.

Edward Falcon

Debut Title:  Power Stone

Why He Deserves a Spot?  The Power Stone series doesn’t have a single representative in the MvC franchise.  That is a crying shame.  Infinite should be allowed to remedy this travesty.  Who better to be the avatar of healing than the main character of the old school 3-D brawler?  Edward Falcon is an expert boxer who possesses the ability to conjure power armor over his entire body.  This enables him to fire off a multitude of rockets and dash at his opponents with fiery explosions erupting on impact.  Another unique warrior that could join the cast.


Debut Title:  Street Fighter III:  New Generation

Why He Deserves a Spot?  More Street Fighter characters?  Hell yeah!  Gill, the Emperor of the Illuminati, is one of the most interesting individuals of that series.  He is both pyrokinetic and cryokinetic (can control fire and ice).  He can sprout wings and fly.  He can resurrect himself.  He battles like a Greek Pankration warrior.  Gill is destined to be the messiah to the human race and lead them through the coming darkness.  His fighting style and story would be interesting to incorporate into the most recent entry into the series.


Debut Title:  Devil May Cry 4

Why He Deserves a Spot?  The character that should have been in over Spencer, in my opinion.  This young man has a demon arm that can be utilized to grab foes/objects from great distances.  He can then wreck, pull himself towards, or fling away those things with his unbridled demonic strength.  Additionally, Nero can channel devil energy into his weaponry (a sword and pistol) for devastating effects.  His design is great and fighting style fits well into the game.

That is all for today.  Sound off in the comments section below to let us know if you agree with our choices.  If not, who do you hope makes it in as future DLC?  Stay tuned in because next week will we bring the Marvel side of things into the mix.

*Special thanks to theCHAMBA, Omuk, EternalLegend, Namh, androsm, largee17, sandara, chrisnfy85, HeavyMetalHanzo, GENZOMAN, and Virus-AC for the amazing images!

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