The Spread: Marvel vs Capcom Shared Power – Doctor Strange’s New Mystical Artifact

Welcome to the latest edition of The Spread!  Today’s topic will strike upon that glorious competitive spirit that dwells within us all.  We are jumping into the world of fighting games, and what better way to do that than with the wildly-polarizing, crossover versus series that is Marvel vs Capcom.  Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite is out now.  So, pick that up if you are interested in hyper-kinetic brawlers.

However, we are not here to focus on that debate.  We are here to have fun.  MvC is the pioneer gaming series for “what if” scenarios.  Marvel’s droves of popular comic characters and Capcom’s wide catalog of interesting titles has usually delivered some entertaining team-ups over the years.  For the next few iterations of this series of articles, we will delve into some of the more interesting possibilities for ability combinations and borrowed powers.  Certain criteria will be utilized from the get-go.

  1. The acquired power/ability/item must make thematic sense for the character.
  2. The backstory for the character must be able to be utilized to some degree.
  3. The combination should be entertaining and fun.

Doctor Strange Inherits Dhylec

Who is Doctor Strange?

Stephen Strange was an accomplished neurosurgeon that spent the majority of his early life working diligently in his medical field and rising to heights that very few have ever climbed.  His rapid success at a very young age made him exceptionally arrogant.  This hubris would lead to a swift downfall.  After years of becoming increasingly materialistic and greedy, Stephen suffered a car crash that would see the destruction of his much-prized hands.  His career was essentially over.  No longer could Dr. Strange utilize the very tools which built his success with any sort of competence.  His desire to find a remedy for his condition lead to a depletion of his vast wealth and many experimental procedures.  Nothing worked.  However, he began to hear tales of a unique individual named the Ancient One that might be able to solve his problems.

The sorcerous equivalent of a taser.

What happened next would forever change the fate of the Marvel Universe.  Dr. Strange sought out this mysterious person and was introduced to the world of the mystical arts.  His latent talent and intellect made him the perfect student.  The Ancient One taught him much about what lied behind the veil of the material realm.  These lessons into the ways of magic instilled in Stephen the humility that he so desperately needed and allowed him the power to fix his shattered hands.  Eventually, Dr. Strange would attain the title of Sorcerer Supreme and utilize his newfound eldritch evocations to protect the universe from supernatural threats.  His use of arcane artifacts and pacts with higher powers makes Stephen one of the most powerful characters in the multiverse.

This man literally has the power of the tesseract in a mass-produced ring. Super fair.

What is Dhylec?

The sword known as Dhylec has been wielded by the dhampir demon-hunter, Donovan Baine, as his primary weapon for years.  The Darkstalker came across the blade in his travels and quickly gained the reverence of the sentient armament.  With its power to channel the elements and deities from mythology, he has traveled the lands of mortals defeating many fiendish creatures.  The sword has a fair amount of other esoteric abilities, like levitation and shape-shifting, that Donovan incorporates into his fighting style.  Overall, this weapon has been a great asset to Mr. Baine’s continued success and a constant companion before Donovan met his kindred spirit in a little girl named Anita.  The trio has since embarked on a holy journey to cleanse the land of all demons and devils, and they’re well on their way to accomplishing their goal.

Even the gods got Donovan’s back.

Why it Works?

Let us get one thing straight.  Dr. Strange loves magical artifacts.  He yearns to collect them.  He has no qualms about using them to destroy his foes.  He has the Cloak of Levitation to fly around the battle field.  The Eye of Agamotto has a plethora of abilities.  It can see through deceptions, absorb energy attacks, bestow psychic powers to the wearer, telekinetically move massive weights, open dimensional portals, and much more.  Then, there is the Orb of Agamatto; it can scry the events that are going on multiple planes of existence.  The Wand of Watoomb amplifies the Sorcerer Supreme’s powers and enables him to fire destructive bolts of mystical energy.  I think you get the point.

Do you like your steaks blue or well done?

Another one of Doctor Strange’s favorite past-times is to enter into pacts with mighty extra-dimensional creatures to gain power.  Dhylec satisfies both of these go-to quirks that Stephen frequently uses to battle the forces arrayed against him.  Firstly, it is a magical sentient object that can float of its own free will; just like the Cloak of Levitation.  It can be used as a focus to increase his magic, summon the elements, and bring forth gods to strike down his enemies.  In that regard, it is very much like the Wand of Watoomb.  Much like Donovan, Stephen is a unique character with a dark past that he has chosen to overcome.  Dhylec might be drawn to him anyways.

Where are some of the characters in the game?! Goddamnit Capcom and Marvel! Get your crap together!

Oh look.  The ending for Doctor Strange in Marvel vs Capcom 3 shows Donovan, and by extension Dhylec, being welcomed into the new sorcerer group that will protect the Earth.  Me thinks that Strange already has plans to acquire the weapon.  He just needs to get onto Donovan’s good side and make sure he avoids the demon hunter’s other persona.  Maybe that is why he claims the weapon in the first place; to keep it out of the hands of Mr. Baine after something has gone horrible wrong.  Speaking of…

Join us next time when we take things back to the Capcom side of things!

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