Outbreak Watch!: Destiny Thread Cosplay

Who loves a good costume?  Well, the subject of today’s Outbreak Watch most definitely knows how to create them.  With a new year off to a fresh start and A Taste of Animethon on the horizon, what better time to highlight a local cosplayer with tremendous skill?  Sarah Shillington brings characters to life with exceptional body paint, beautiful outfits, and spot-on hairstyles.  Below is a series of questions and answers designed to help you learn a all you can on this wondrous creator.  So, join us on our magical journey of queries and disclosures as we delve into the fantastical world that is Destiny Thread Cosplay.

Merida from Brave

VOG:  What is the meaning behind your cosplay name?

Destiny Thread Cosplay:  Destiny Thread Cosplay comes from an old fable that everyone we meet is connected together with a red string of fate, and that we’re tied together by destiny.

VOG:  How many years have you been cosplaying?

Destiny Thread Cosplay:  2018 marks my tenth year of cosplaying!

LSP (Lumpy Space Princess) from Adventure Time

VOG:  What got you interested/started in cosplay?

Destiny Thread Cosplay:  It started in junior high when I was getting into anime and then my friend showed me this video of an anime con and I was blown away by all the cosplay and I had to make my own when I found out we had a con in Edmonton.

VOG:  Where do you draw your inspiration from?

Destiny Thread Cosplay:  I always played dress up as a kid as far back as I could remember. I loved tinkering with LEGO and crafts so took that creativity from my childhood and channeled it into cosplay.

Ursula from A Little Mermaid

VOG:  What is your favorite cosplay that you have done?

Destiny Thread Cosplay:  That’s such a hard question because I have so many characters I do that I adore but recently I’ve been cosplaying Ana from Overwatch and she’s so fun because I get to be sweet old lady and I hand out old lady candy that I have in my ammo pouch and it always makes people so happy.

VOG:  What is your dream cosplay?

Destiny Thread Cosplay:  Rose Quartz from Steven Universe who I’m finally getting to this year!

Sadness from Inside Out

VOG:  What is your favorite medium to work with?

Destiny Thread Cosplay:  I love working with EVA and insulation foam! They’re cheap and can look amazing.

VOG:  Who is your favorite cosplayer(s)?

Destiny Thread Cosplay:  Oh lord that’s a super tough one. I’d have to say A Smile and A Song, Maphix, and Kelly Kirstein.

VOG:  Who is your favorite Anime/Comic Book/Movie character?

Destiny Thread Cosplay:  Ursula is my ultimate queen.

Anna from Frozen

VOG:  Is there any advice that you would give to someone just starting out in cosplay?

Destiny Thread Cosplay:  You’re first cosplay is gonna be rough, I’ve never met anyone who has made a perfect cosplay the first time. It’s ok the thrift, it’s ok to buy your cosplay, and it’s ok to make the cosplay your own. It’s taken me ten years to get the point I’m at today and I still have a lot of learning to do.

Sugilite from Steven Universe

VOG:  Where can we see your work?

Destiny Thread Cosplay:  You can find me on Instagram and Facebook

We will be bringing you another interview with some more local cosplayers post haste!  Be sure to check back with us again soon!

*Credit to photographers DJ Murasaki (Ursula, LSP, and Sugilite Photos), Isabel Klapwyk Photographic Arts (Sadness picture), and Pixelated Reality (Merida and Anna Shots) for their awesome work!

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