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We are Viral Outbreak, a group of friends discussing and reviewing Video games and game culture, as well as so called “Geek” culture in general. Expect to see game and movie reviews, podcasts, Let’s Plays, and much more.

Meet the geeks!

 Cam:  Administrator/Content Creator


The leader of the bunch, you know him well…

Cam is an avid nerd, but a gamer by trade. His earliest memories are of playing Sonic 2 and the original Donkey Kong. With over 600 games and 24 consoles he has a decent knowledge of video games. He enjoys movies, role playing, martial arts, drawing, skiing, singing, anime and comic books. He is a huge fan of Halloween and all things horror. Aspires to be a voice actor, model, and what ever else he finds fun. You Can catch him on the podcast’s and VOG Plays.  GENESIS DOES!

Favourite Genre: Retro
Favourite Game: Sonic 2, Fatal Frame, Donkey Kong
Favourite Series: Resident Evil, Silent Hill

Tom: Administrator/Content Creator


What? What IS this?

Tom is an actor, a gamer…and a lover. He spends most of his spare time researching games and game systems and plays classic arcade games and game consoles. His earliest gaming memories are playing a Table top Cocktail cabinet of Pac-Man in a donut shop, as well as watching his cousin Cam play Sonic 2. He enjoys watching classic, great, and bad movies as well as anime. He loves singing, acting, drawing, and reading comics. He hopes you enjoy reading his posts in the third person! Enjoy the site.

Favourite Genre: Arcade style
Favourite Game: Space Harrier
Favourite Series: Resident Evil

Wren: Administrator/Content Creator


It’s just a big, stupid jellyfish.

Wren’s talking in the third-person now. She doesn’t know why that’s happening. Wren grew up in the middle of nowhere, and her first experience with video games was watching her parents play the Sega Genesis religiously. But video gaming first really became her ‘thing’ when she stole her cousin’s Gameboy and played the crap out of Pokemon Blue back when she couldn’t even read. She likes the internet, watching movies, and complaining about all things video games, because what else are people gonna’ do, right? Leave comments and check out the rest of the site, these guys are hip.

Favourite Game: Nier
Favourite Genre: Horror
Favourite Series: Mass Effect

Gui: Content Creator


What is a man!?

Well, apparently my first words was some form of “Nintendo” so that’s pretty cool. Besides long walks on a beach I like to do things. Hmm… yeah. My areas of expertise are classic horror movies and games, which means Halloween is the greatest day of the year. ‘Fromage’ is cheese and it’s the meaning of life. Guy, guy, and the boss made this site and everyone else just does things, you know. How are you by the way? Finally, the answer to Dracula’s ultimate question is this manly man of beef.

Favorite game: Link to the Past
Favorite series: Castlevania, Zelda, Donkey Kong Country
Favorite things: Horror

Jason: Administrator/Content Creator

10301516_10100550311698444_6833917170618235987_n (1)

Fighting against insurmountable odds with unrestrained ferocity and a nerf bat. 

The resident “hypothetical fictional character battle” enthusiast. Punchy spends his free time lurking in the halls of the Naruto Forum’s Outskirts Battledome and ScrewAttack’s Death Battle forums/comment sections. Additionally, there isn’t a form of recreational multimedia that this hyper-nerd doesn’t find some solace in. Video games, comics, philosophy, and movies are his forte. However, he’ll talk about music, television, aliens, religion, fantasy, sci-fi, anime, and nearly everything else under the sun. Seriously? Just get him started.

Favorite Genre: Action/Rpg
Favorite Game: Final Fantasy VII
Favorite Characters: Cloud Strife, Dante Sparda, Drizzt Do’Udren, Akuma, Superman, Magneto, Anomander Rake, Rock Lee
Favorite Series: Devil May Cry, Resident Evil, Legend of Zelda, Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy, Malazan Book of the Fallen, and The Chronicles of Drizzt

Michelle: Photographer/Content Creator


Hey, Listen!

Michelle is most comfortable behind the camera.  However, when it comes to an interview, she happy to put on a strong face and get down to it.

Favorite Game: Final Fantasy VII
Favorite Characters: Gaara, Kakashi Hatake, Doctor Who

Derek: Moderator



Derek is just Derek. Our resident Anime and JRPG nerd. He eats pizza.
He plays mostly rpgs, mecha games and import games of the previous genres. He also likes Anime and manga.

Favorite Game: Golden Sun
Favorite Series: Golden Sun, A.C.E, Legend Of Zelda, Metroid.
Favorite Genre: Mech simulation, Rpg.


Anthony: Resident cool man

anthony viral outbreak

Those were the droids you were looking for…

“To drink tea without milk and sugar is simply barbaric” Words to live by.

Favorite game: Any total war title
Favorite thing: Strategy games and Tea.


Courtney: Media Manager/Advertising



Courtney thinks talking about themselves in third person is really weird. They started playing games when they got a Gameboy and Pokemon Blue as a kid, and then Pokemon (and video games) consumed their life forever. When not playing video games, they mostly just sit on the internet, watch anime, and plan too many cosplays.

Favourite game: Okami
Favourite genres: RPGs and visual novels
Favourite series: Pokemon and Ace Attorney


Challenger Approaching!



This is our base of operations. you can tell we are a serious bunch

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