Inquisitor: The Comic Series

Inquisitor: The Comic series

Author: Anthony Klanke

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The Following pictures are concept art for the upcoming series:

CloakedSketch 4

Public assasinationAssasin

Rear profileSide profile


The Inquisitor series depicts an alien race known as the Namaens, and displays their influence in a galaxy very much like our own. The story is about one of the Namaen’s most elite and feared agents known as the Inquisitor.
The Namaen(Na-may-en) race, are ancient hive-like society that has altered the course of the Wreetian galaxy for the past 3 millennia and have become a mythic force to be reckoned with. The Namaens are not a true hive, but rather form a collective of free-willed individuals, bound to instinctual service of their mother hive. Rather than following a genetic leader, as common hives typically do, the Namaens have an elder council that determines the course of the entire race with utter assurance. These council members are genetically designed by nature to lead as they grow up to eight times as large and can live for centuries.
The Namaens have survived the rise and fall of countless galactic empires and have learned how to alter the course of these massive societies as to provide a sense of stability in the galaxy. Because of their global co-operation, the Namaens have been able to advance in power and resources all on a single hidden planet known as Eden. The Namaens remain completely hidden to all other races within their galaxy and are considered only as a myth to most civilised people.
The Namaens keep order in the galaxy by dis-allowing other empires to become too powerful and crop their growth so that they can never consume all other races. They do this through variouse means such as: Indoctrination, Biological alteration or Extermination. Before such a process can possibly be carried out, an in-depth analysis of the race in question is preformed covertly by the Namaen’s most elite agents known only as Inquisitors.

This is the story of Inquisitor 4….


Page 1:

Inquisitor page 1


Page 2:

Page 2


Page 3:

Page 2


Page 4: -Coming Soon!-


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