*Namatian physiology:

Namatians are a collective, hive-minded mammalian species located near the outer rings of the Wreetian (REE-SHEE-AN) galaxy. Their evolution is different to that of humans and primates in that they evolved from large exoskellitan insectoids. This bizarre evolution may be uncommon, but has proven beneficial to these large, forest dwelling creatures. Although the Namaens are technically classified as mammals (due to the fact that they provide milk for their offspring, and the process of giving live birth), they still retain certain qualities from their ancient insectoid ancestors.
The most notable qualities of a Namaen is the six legs and distinctive cycloptic head. A typical male Namaen stands about 9 feet tall and weighs in at about 250 pounds. females are slightly smaller and leaner as in most primate species. The single “eye” in the center of the face is actually a large concentration of over 100,000 microscopic eyes known as an optical cluster. Because of the different sizes and ranges of each tiny eye, a Namaen can literally “zoom” its vision in and out and can perceive in heat vision and very low light environments  This adaptation has made them incredibly successful hunters and the top of their primative food chain. The average life span for a Namaen is about 90-110 years and will raise 2-3 offspring in that time. Namaens are complete rationalists, weighing the pros and cons before carrying out every action. This has helped shape their society, as the average “Intelligence Quotient” as compared to humans is about 160. This means that the entire society is consisted of contemplative individuals and does not suffer from crime or internal corruption. Although every individual retains independent thought and free will, they are biologically bound to the service of their hive and usually strive only to serve its needs. Upon completion of a task, Namaens are psychologically rewarded by their brains which release endorphins  thus ensuring that future service will continue. The need to serve their hive can be compared to a Human’s need to reproduce, eat or display aggression.
Namaen Elders are genetic mutations of their species that occurs about once in every 150,000,000 births that causes the individual to grow around six times larger and live for 3.5-4 centuries. This longevity coupled with an increased intelligence, allows the Elders to lead with efficiency and wisdom.

*Namaen Culture
All Namaens belong to one of two classes, The dominant Olnyx( way of the soldier) and the recessive Rashee (way of the warrior). The Olnyx make up 90% of all non-elder individuals and posess the most basic Namaen traits, such as advanced logic and methodical reasoning. The Rashee comprise the remaining ten percent and posess less common traits such as high creativity, advanced emotional responses and tend to favor creativity and excitement over intellect. All members of the Namean society are cycled through job positions every 2 years to avoid the creation of a classed society. This is made possible through the use of neuro enhancements and augmentations, turning every individual into a literal “jack-of-all-trades”. All though Cybernetic augmentation and automations have made life for Namaens considerably easier; all members of the species are vigorously trained in combat and survival skills. These policies keep the Namaens from de-evolving and “softening” as a result to relying upon technology, as seen in many empires that fell in the millenia past. Members become sexually matured around seven years of age, but may not find a mate untill well into their thirties. While the development of a harim is common amongst the Rashee, the Olnyx typically mate for life with only a single partner. The Namaens do not rely on a monetary system, but rather all resources are collected and distributed thoughout the planet evenly, according to the situation. Although the Namaen culture is divided amongst the Rashee and Olnyx, both variants live together and share almost perfectly even lifestyles. All members of the Namaen race exist from the same hive and all share collective hormones, language (Namatian), social norms, gestures and beliefs.
Namaen Standard*Namaen Standard*

*Namaen Hierarchy:
Although Namaen society exists with limited classes, thier millitary structure is heavily reliant upon a set hierarchy of ranks and command levels. It is considered a taboo in Namaen culture to take pride in an increased rank, so higher ranking individuals regularly practice, eat, sleep and socialise with all levels of the millitary structure. The Namaen millitary structure is headed by the Olnyx, but the Rashee typically operate in sub-groups and loosely respond to the chain of command.

Centurion and his men
*A Centurion and his troops.

The following are lists of the Rashee and Olnyx Ranking system.

Olnyx: Apprentice, Hastati, Princepes, Triariia, Prefect, Decurion, Centurion, Master Centurion, Praetorian.
Olnyx Symbole*Olnyx Symbol*
Rashee: Jackel, Tiger, Brute, Brawler, Sarif, Eagle, Wraith, Champion, Chieftan.
Rashee*Rashee Symbol*

All ranks have three levels before advancing to the next class.

Namaen Vehicles

Sketches 002 (6)

Sketches 001 (9)

*The Wreetian Galaxy

The Wreetian Galaxy is far more populated than the Milky Way galaxy and has over 1,200 sentient species spread across more than 10,000 livable planets, astroids and mobile stations. The dominant culture in the galaxy is the Alterian empire, which spans across the galactic center and many of the outer territories. Composed mostly of humaniods, the Alterian Empire has over 4,000 colonies and is the ruler of 15 client races and vassal nations. The next most influencial force in the galaxy is the Darren republic, which is composed of 25 minor civilizations all working together for mutual survival. The Darren republic operate as a democracy and all 25 nations have 1 representitive that sits on the council and is elected from its own nation. beyond these two factions lie the many hundreds of species and civilizations all struggling to carve out an existence in an unforgiving galaxy.

*The Wreetian Galaxy


Inquisitor: The Comic series

Author: Anthony Klanke

anthony viral outbreak

The Following pictures are concept art for the upcoming series:

CloakedSketch 4

Public assasinationAssasin

Rear profileSide profile


The Inquisitor series depicts an alien race known as the Namaens, and displays their influence in a galaxy very much like our own. The story is about one of the Namaen’s most elite and feared agents known as the Inquisitor.
The Namaen(Na-may-en) race, are an ancient hive-like society that have altered the course of the Wreetian galaxy for the past 3 millennia and have become a mythic force to be reckoned with. The Namaens are not a true hive, but rather form a collective of free-willed individuals, bound to instinctual service of their mother hive. Rather than following a genetic leader, as common hives typically do, the Namaens have an elder council that determines the course of the entire race with utter assurance. These council members are genetically designed by nature to lead as they grow up to eight times as large and can live for centuries.
The Namaens have survived the rise and fall of countless galactic empires and have learned how to alter the course of these massive societies as to provide a sense of stability in the galaxy. Because of their global co-operation, the Namaens have been able to advance in power and resources all on a single hidden planet known as Eden. The Namaens remain completely hidden to all other races within their galaxy and are considered only as a myth to most civilized people.
The Namaens keep order in the galaxy by dis-allowing other empires to become too powerful and crop their growth so that they can never consume all other races. They do this through variouse means such as: Indoctrination, Biological alteration or Extermination. Before such a process can possibly be carried out, an in-depth analysis of the race in question is preformed covertly by the Namaen’s most elite agents known only as Inquisitors.

This is the story of Inquisitor 004….

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